Wanting to uplevel your health? I'm here to help.

Do you ever wonder why it’s difficult to make some health changes you know would be good for you? You’re not alone!

Many people know what to do to

be healthy, information is at our finger tips, but it can

still be overwhelming or confusing on which route to take or where to even start.

I can help you take the what to do and the how to

do it, creating a sustainable, action plan.


A health coach is your guide, consultant, counselor,

ally, and most importantly, there to keep you accountable to your own goals. I’ll help you create lifestyle changes that are sustainable and we can conveniently meet online via Zoom.


Health Coaching helps to discover your vision of your best health and what well-being looks like for you.

You’ll learn ways to navigate around obstacles in reaching your health and wellness goals.

I enjoy working with motivated individuals who are open to using out of the box solutions to
create excellent health.

Enjoying Outdoors

8-week Smoking Cessation


  • Weekly 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Information and practice skills

  • Provide specific behavioral and cognitive skills

  • Manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms

  • Mindset work for success

  • Detoxification protocols

  • Relapse prevention

  • Text or email support between sessions

  • My personal commitment to your success

Happy Woman
Herbal Medicine

Health Mini-Coaching
Clean Swaps

People often know they need to "clean up" their diet to feel better. This two-session program covers clean up in your home, body and what you're eating to support optimal health.


• Two 1:1 coaching sessions

Lists of clean swaps for home, body, and diet

• 'Clean' meal plan with complete shopping lists

• Text or email support between sessions

Healthy Breakfast
Womens Race Practice

8-week Breast Implant Illness


online Coaching

The shared symptoms of dis-ease in women with breast implants are referred to as Breast Implant Illness or BII. My program will help you navigate the symptoms, the explant surgery, and dietary choices to ensure your best possible outcome.


Initial consultation 

• Weekly 45-minute one-on-one sessions, 8 weeks

• Help navigating the explant

• Pre and Post-op nutrient-dense meal plans

• Pre-surgical home prep guide

 Guided meditations

• Pre/Post surgical healing recommendations

• Post-surgical detoxification guidance

• Text or email support between sessions

• My personal commitment to your success

Holding Hands

90-minute Massage & Coaching Session

Health coaching and massage are the perfect blend. Health issues, questions, or concerns invariably arise organically during a massage, often based on what I observe or feel. We sit down for a 45-minute coaching session after your massage.



• Recommendations based on body via the massage

• Health information specific to your goals

• Food/Body connections pertaining to focus

• Guidance of foods to consume, minimize, and avoid

• Text or email support between sessions

• Research on your behalf

• Text or email support between sessions

• My personal commitment to your success

Yoga at Home

Love Notes

Evelyn R.

Sue, Thank you so much, I absolutely love this experience!

Thank you for the meal plans, I like that they are easy meals, I will definitely be trying them out, I’m sure my kids will like them too!  

Jessie B.

I've been lucky to have been working with Sue on quitting smoking and better health tips. This is giving me a chance to better my life for my family and myself. 


Sue has helped me tremendously! She's an amazing person and always makes you feel comfortable.


I cannot praise her enough!! 

Jeff R.

Thanks for your help last year as it appears to have paid dividends for me!  You've been such a valuable resource.

Holistic |hōˈlistik|: Medicine characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into

account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.