Everything you need to quit smoking once and for all. 

My Unique Approach

Full support with 1:1 live coaching to release the habit of smoking, vaping, chewing, or any form of nicotine dependence in a 9-week program.

Strategies for Success - proven strategies to address and conquer blocks to a successful quit.


Mindset Mastery - mindset coaching that gives you clarity for your shift to a non-smoker, using "mindset over medication" to avoid dependence on pharmaceuticals.


Behavior Modification - action plans that will support your success.


Mastery of craving and withdrawal symptoms - along with mindset you’ll learn how to use holistic health protocols to support easier transition to optimal health.


Health Rebuilding protocols - tools to elevate your health to the next level


Accountability and Support - a powerful accountability and support system with 1:1 coaching and many resources.

Two 9-week Program Options

1:1 Coaching Program

Online Coaching Program

One-Hour Weekly Live Zoom Calls

  • Accountability to your goals

  • Increased engagement

  • Gain a deep level of learning

  • Build personal awareness

  • Receive the right type of support.

* Coming Soon

Same program; done online

  • 9-weeks of weekly recorded modules

  • Two 1:1 Live coaching calls

  • Accountability to your goals

  • Resources and tools for success